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Suspension Question

Okay, I know pretty much nothing about suspensions, and it will be awhile before I actually get one, but I'm doing a writeup of everything I want to do to my car. And I'm stuck on the suspension part.

Shocks-Koni Adjustables
Coilover- Ground Control

If I get coilover system by gc what else do i need to get? do i need the shocks/springs? Also what is a recommended camber kit for us if i were to get gc system. does coilover actually lower the car or does that just make ride better?

Sorry for all the questions, I've never modded a suspension before, and I really want to do it right, even if it costs alot, I don't want to screw up the way it rides.


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i have Ground Controls and they SUCK!!!so be wise
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I wouldn't go for the Coilovers either...just get the Springs and the Konis...
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I have progress springs and koni shocks on my ride. I would recommend both products.
If you get the progress springs (2" drop), you will need a camber kit (ingalls).

I heard the gc coilovers are not so great so i would recommend getting the shocks and springs.
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Right On...I have known numerous people who HAD coilovers, and they loved them at first, but then they hated them with a passion and got a street setup (Konis and Springs)...that is the best ride and the best handling for the street. Coilovers are good for a show car, so you can ride to the show, then drop your car to the ground, but for street racing and autocrossing, they BLOW !!
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I've been using Ground Control coilovers (with about a 2" drop) and Koni yellow shocks for about a month now, and have had no problems whatsoever. The day after I got my GC's, Koni's, and Ingalls camber kit installed, I went on a long road trip to the West Coast. I drove from Houston to Las Vegas, then from Las Vegas to San Fran, then from San Fran to LA, and then LA all the way back to Houston. That's 5000 miles in a span of one week. Throughout the entire trip I did not experience any problems whatsoever with my GC's, and I absolutely love the handling of my car! I was speeding through the twist and turns of the Nevada and Cali mountains like you wouldn't believe...

It was a major PITA to find a place in San Fran to do my alignment, though. Most places I talked to wouldn't touch my car since it had a modified suspension. I went to Mark Morris Tires and it turned out my car was too low to fit onto their platform. Finally I found a place on 6th and Harrison (Robert's Tires) that was able to do it.

I decided to go with GC's because I like being able to adjust my ride height to exactly what I want. Same deal with the Koni yellows (you can adjust those to be as stiff or as soft as you like).

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I'm with H-town, I've had my Ground Controls and Ingalls camber kits for almost 3 months, and a few weeks ago I put on my Koni's. No problems whatsoever. Why does everyone say the coil overs are for show cars only? I will always choose coil overs over a set of springs, I'd rather have the ability to change my ride height at will.

I can drop my ride lower than people with springs, and I can raise my ride back up to stock ride height if needed, unlike people with springs.

But, if you decide to go with springs, or coil overs, make sure you get the best, which would be Eibach springs. They come in the form of a Pro-Kit, Sportlines, or Ground Controls. I would never buy any other brand of spring out there, I've seen what cheap springs do to cars, uneven drop, too bouncy, very quick to blow struts.

My stock struts were still good when I replaced them with the Konis, and I was running over a 2" drop for about 2 months before I replaced them. I always recommend upgrading you struts if you lower your car at all, and I always recommend camber kits if you lower your car at all.

If you going to lower it, you might as well do it correctly. Which means your choice of drop(coil overs, springs or airbags), new struts(Koni's are the only ones out currently), and camber kits(ingalls or eibach).
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