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Best and CHEAPEST way to upgrade brakes??

Old 05-04-2002
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Best and CHEAPEST way to upgrade brakes??

What's the best way to upgrade braking performance?

Assuming you need to keep the brake sizes close to OE so that you can still run on your 15" wheels in the winter...

- stainless steel brake lines
- new calipers
- new rotors

... From a price point, what's the best bang for the buck? I just checked, and Neuspeed brake lines are close to $150USD! That's crazy! (non??) A set of 4 rotors (no names, probably slotted or cross-drilled) would probably cost like $59/each on GroupBuy, and some pads would be...what? $70/pair?

I've got 4 wheel disc all around.

I'm just trying to figure out the best bang for the buck to improve the braking performance a bit. I went to my local 'automotive shop" called Crappy Tire, and the only strainless steel brake lines they had were TUBES... they were double layered, bendable, stainless steel tubes.... no such thing as braided stainless steel... WTF?

Would simply upgrading JUST the rotors really improve braking that much? What about JUST the pads? (say, to that GreenStuff ones).....

Would it be ok to just upgrade the pads/rotors of JUST the front? (I would still have stock rear discs)......

Out of curiosity, is it possible to fit larger rotors while still using 15" wheels??? (I see alot of brake kits like the AEM ones still use the OEM caliper, but come with brackets to re-adjust the position of the stock caliper to accomodate larger rotors....)
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Old 05-04-2002
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Since you're on a budget, I would recommend you concentrate on the front brakes first.

I would do slotted rotors and pads 1st, then as money permits, wheels so you can then move on to larger discs/calipers.

The rears can benefit from better pads in the meantime, and you would be fine with just upgraded rotors.

Don't forget to also upgrade your lines and fluid.

Just my .02. Of course, whether this works for you will be largely determined by your driving habits.
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Old 05-04-2002
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I am not fully knoledgable in this area however I am interested in the same and do have some answers for you.

upgrading the front rotor to say a slotted or cross drilled or both will result in a significant increase in braking power however it will result in increased brake wear, decreasing the life of the pads and the rotor itself.

I dont know much bout the brake pads, sure there are better out there but again the lifespan is less than oem.

larger rotors, well, again there will be an increase in braking power, but with 15" wheels might be a problem, most Big Brake Rotors (AEM) require 16" or larger rims to work.

The brake lines - Steel braided do exist, but the application for our civics or the EL may just not be available at this time.

oh anf FYI - Crappy tire is really horrible for keeping with new applications of products. It may exist, they may even be able to order it, but if it isnt listed in their lil computer they SAY they dont have it....
many a time have I gone in there knowing an application for my car exists, and they carry the product line, but its not listed, and they minimum wage kid behind the counter just sais "sorry, it doesnt exist" I just dont bother anymore.

Isnt it sad that the consumer knows more about product lines they carry than the, store themselves? [IMG]i/expressions/face-icon-small-mad.gif[/IMG]
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ok here im going to tell u how to get most of that stuff (rotors and pads). OKk if u go on ebay they sale rotors on there for cheap and they are brembos trust me i have them. they sale them for civics and integras for the four disc set it cost about $200 for all four and for brake pads find a little import internet store and see if they sale brake pads for your year car. I'll tell u right now the rotors are stock size. the brake pads are direct replacement pads. With my 2k1 civic i got the brembo rotors for 130 shipped for the front two and i got aem brake pads for my fronts for 61 shipped. i still cant find the brake lines for cheap yet but give me time and i will. but that is the cheapest and best route to go.
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Old 05-04-2002
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Brakes are nothing to be going cheap with. If you want to risk your life by saving a couple bucks, go ahead.
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