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attn 01EXtc

you happen to have any more info on the Air Ride kit????? as far as pricing, and when it'll be done thanx
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pm him dont use up forum space
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hey whats up, i was here having a glass of water and i about dropped when i saw my name on the ATTN line, heres the deal with the air ride. PUBLIC KIT WILL BE OUT END OF JUNE.

front air strut 995 pair
rear air struts 995 pair
and then a compressor kit running anywhere from 699-1249

email me at [email protected] or call me mon-fri 8-6 at 812.482.2932 if you have questions. thanks
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There are a couple of members here who have airrides and they say it sucks. They say it rides like ****. Did the people who installed their air ride mess it up or something. Do you have any information on why it rides bad. I want the air ride but I don't want to sacrifice my ride.
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Thats a goddamn RIP OFF for the compressor at least....especially if it only comes with the comp and the tank...if its got the solenoids then its not so bad.... but a range from 699-1299??? whats that ....but air isn't for racing...its for the ride isn't gonna be as good as stock....but u can slam it to the ground...and thats worth it for sure!
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hey WeSSoN, i have you know that it is the 4 way Ride Pro setup from our company. 4 wheel control so you can zero in on the perfect setting, it DOES use solenoids
oh and WeSSoN,
dont call our products a rip off ever again please. if GM and Ford are sending me concept cars on a regular basis we are doing something right.

ride quality everyone asks?
if we are gonna ride around on the bumpstops and have no air in the bags the quality will be ZERO. youll soon learn to adjust it until you feel a good setting and that will be your new ride height. here are the FAQ's again

1. What is an airbag or airspring? An airbag and an airspring are the same thing spelled differently. It is a spring constructed of rubber and a high strength fabric. Numerous styles, sizes, and capacity ratings are available. The load capacity and ride height are varied by the air pressure in the airspring.

2. Are these airsprings durable and safe? Our airsprings are made to our specs by Firestone, the world’s largest airspring manufacturer. They are used on large semi-trucks, off road equipment, luxury cars, and also in industrial machinery, conveyer systems, and load stabilizers. We recently sold an airspring to replace a unit that had been in service for 17 years! [The endplate had rusted out!] Failure can happen, but it is extremely rare. We require that the vehicle have at least 2” of ground clearance when the airspring is fully deflated. This helps prevent a major problem in case of a system failure.

3. How much ride height adjustment will I have? Depending on the weight of the vehicle, suspension type, and airspring selection, usually 3” to 4” in the front and 5” to 6” in the rear. We typically set an airbag suspension to ride within 2” of the stock ride height.

4. How long does it take to raise to ride height? Again, it depends on several factors, with a RidePro system as quick as 2 sec. from lowest level to highest level.

5. What about varying loads such as people, luggage, trailer, etc.? No problem. Simply increase the air pressure until the ride height and ride quality are satisfactory. When the load is removed, release the air pressure to restore your ride height.

6. How is the ride quality? Wonderful! If you closed your eyes, you would swear that you were in a new luxury car. The ride quality is also adjustable to your taste from inside the vehicle. [Try that with a coilover or leaf spring!]

7. How difficult is the installation? This varies greatly from vehicle to vehicle. Most installations can be accomplished with a bare minimum of fabrication. [Some are even bolt-on.] Two guys with a little equipment should be able to install the system in a weekend.

8. Do you make a system for my car? We are in continual development of new systems. If we don’t make a system for your specific vehicle, we can probably assist you in adapting one of our present systems. There are very few vehicles that are not compatible with an air ride suspension.

9. What happens to the front wheel alignment? The vehicle is aligned at ride height. That is the height that you want the car to go down the highway. Take note of the air pressure at this point. Whenever the system is returned to this pressure, your ride height and alignment return also.

10. Can I drive the car “slammed” with no air in the airsprings? Yes, but the ride quality is zero. You’ll probably want to reserve this for parking and fairgrounds cruising. It won’t hurt the airsprings, but it may hurt your back! Caution: If you are going to drive the car “slammed”, pay very close attention to ground clearance and tire clearance. There is a lot of difference between laying the oil pan on the ground and dragging it on the ground!

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