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Brobo's Build... (56k WARNING)

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Brobo's Build... (56k WARNING)

Sorry for reposting , kinda figured out i have my ride under the wrong section so here's it again in the correct place.
After 3 weeks of searching craigslist. I found her with a snapped timing belt.
She's a 2003 Civic ex
5 speed
With only 88012 miles
Got her for $2400

luckily i have a spare d17a2
Btw I am a 15 year old and this is my 4th car lol

here she is Arriving
Name:  DSC04174.jpg
Views: 42
Size:  98.7 KB
Name:  DSC04175.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  100.0 KB
Name:  DSC04176.jpg
Views: 41
Size:  191.5 KB
Name:  DSC04177.jpg
Views: 43
Size:  95.1 KB
lol my dad
Name:  DSC04179.jpg
Views: 42
Size:  201.5 KB
And me and some how my 6'5 *** fits in the car lol
Name:  DSC04181.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  99.7 KB
Name:  DSC04184.jpg
Views: 44
Size:  142.4 KB
This body kit is from the dealer
should i keep it?
Name:  DSC04185.jpg
Views: 151
Size:  158.6 KB
under the hood Name:  DSC04186.jpg
Views: 42
Size:  179.1 KB

more to come this weekend.
so heres an update but first your wondering how can i afford this???
well when i was 13 i was a typical xbox fanatic and played 12 hours a day HOLY S**T! So my dad got tired of the bs so he smashed my xbox. I hated him for a day then i realized how stupid i was and i fixed that xbox and sold it . From there on over a period of a year i got into computers and made alot of small amount over a time and i got around 1500 bucks. So where i work at, a little arab computer store, one of my bosses friends wants to buy an 2001 civic ex auto, blue in color for $400 . so i jumped on it and ask for the girls number , next day i went to see that civic on a school day , but my dad didnt mind taking me. The car was a 2001 honda civic ex ,2dr auto,141k and the girl drove it with the oil light on for 3 weeks and threw a rod so i buy that car. my cousin swaps the engine and i loved it and washed it every 4 days , even if i only drove around the block at night.I bought rims and exhaust and intake Here she was Name:  47735_1470162406269_1599897289_31105115_3058159_n.jpg
Views: 105
Size:  90.6 KB

after a year i sold it to a friend and i bought a 99 civic ex salvage title.i slapped a body kit on it and ruined it. I ended up selling it to a person for 4500 and paid 4500 in parts. Over time i earned a couple grand plus the 4.5
and i bought a 2003 vw jetta 2.0 for 7200 with 45k and my dad drove a 2001 civic ex 4dr auto. so i got bored really fast with the car and my dad loves vw and especially this one , so we traded and i sold his civic and bought this one now for 2500 and i got 4000 to use .
So 1500 left for mods .

Now for the update: I woke up at 8 and started to take apart the car and worked up to 8 pm and i pulled the engine , but i did notice that the a/c compressor was totally jammed and the guy i bought it from guessed it was the timing belt , but i think the a/c was the issue, ill find out when i rip apart the old engine.
Ripped the harness off and now i a writing this .
My camera died and i only got a few pics . The bottom engine covers were gone and there was salt all over the engine bay so its rusty inside but outside minor scratches and i rust spot on the bottom of the door.

Name:  DSC04193.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  170.2 KB
Name:  DSC04194.jpg
Views: 41
Size:  194.9 KB
Name:  DSC04195.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  173.0 KB
Next to my sis's eclipse

Name:  DSC04196.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  92.6 KB
Well i went to harbor freight and got an engine stand.
here are some pics
Name:  DSC04203.jpg
Views: 41
Size:  161.7 KB
Geting the tranny off
Name:  DSC04204.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  142.8 KB
Name:  DSC04198.jpg
Views: 41
Size:  133.6 KB
This i think is the problem not the belt
Name:  DSC04200.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  135.6 KB
Taking clutch off.
Name:  DSC04201.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  150.1 KB

Name:  DSC04202.jpg
Views: 48
Size:  164.6 KB
Comparing the looks of my engine with the civic's
Name:  DSC04204.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  142.8 KB
The new engine with only 44k with papers
Name:  DSC04205.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  98.9 KB
Extra parts
Name:  DSC04206.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  119.2 KB
Name:  DSC04207.jpg
Views: 41
Size:  137.2 KB
The new stand
Name:  DSC04209.jpg
Views: 41
Size:  192.9 KB
Got the engine on the stand
Name:  DSC04211.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  133.9 KB
Name:  DSC04212.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  138.9 KB
And of course my dad takes a pic of me all sweaty working
Name:  DSC04214.jpg
Views: 43
Size:  134.5 KB
btw look at me next to my garage
YES BROBO 4 THE WIN= No snapped timing belt = bad a/c compressor

Name:  DSC04217.jpg
Views: 90
Size:  173.3 KB
Gsr shift **** in my car
Name:  DSC04219.jpg
Views: 53
Size:  79.0 KB
I removed the timing belt for a new one and pump
Name:  DSC04221.jpg
Views: 66
Size:  205.0 KB
Name:  DSC04222.jpg
Views: 41
Size:  180.9 KB

Here is the engine being spun = win and no bent valves

Mini update:
well got a little something done
first things first a Cappicino
Name:  DSC04223.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  85.4 KB
Water pump installed
Name:  DSC04228.jpg
Views: 712
Size:  72.1 KB
My peeling clear coat
Name:  DSC04236.jpg
Views: 41
Size:  60.9 KB
Name:  DSC04237.jpg
Views: 42
Size:  65.5 KB
Name:  DSC04238.jpg
Views: 41
Size:  79.1 KB
Painting fuel rail
Name:  DSC04239.jpg
Views: 41
Size:  149.3 KB
My rims
Name:  DSC04240.jpg
Views: 42
Size:  110.2 KB
Name:  DSC04241.jpg
Views: 100
Size:  106.4 KB

Aircraft remover
Name:  DSC04242.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  152.6 KB
Painting my vc
Name:  DSC04243.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  104.7 KB
Removed my exhuast
Name:  DSC04245.jpg
Views: 42
Size:  132.9 KB
Painted a/c bracket
Name:  DSC04246.jpg
Views: 93
Size:  167.1 KB
Vc sexy
Name:  DSC04249.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  127.1 KB
PArt of starter before and after
Name:  DSC04251.jpg
Views: 73
Size:  102.8 KB
Name:  DSC04252.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  78.6 KB
Name:  DSC04253.jpg
Views: 42
Size:  170.7 KB
The a/c bearing is shot
Name:  DSC04254.jpg
Views: 41
Size:  158.2 KB
Curious about the internals of a a/c comp
Name:  DSC04262.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  126.9 KB
Glory shot
Name:  DSC04267.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  141.5 KB
Got some seals
Name:  DSC04282.jpg
Views: 42
Size:  70.7 KB
Name:  DSC04283.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  102.7 KB
New valve cover bolt seals
Name:  DSC04284.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  163.9 KB
old pain in the *** bitches
Name:  DSC04285.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  136.4 KB
Name:  DSC04286.jpg
Views: 44
Size:  158.0 KB
Timing belt installed and covered
Name:  DSC04287.jpg
Views: 63
Size:  123.0 KB
Name:  DSC04288.jpg
Views: 42
Size:  54.5 KB
Valve cover on
Name:  DSC04289.jpg
Views: 42
Size:  173.8 KB
Spark coils on
Name:  DSC04290.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  140.8 KB
Vtec on Name:  DSC04291.jpg
Views: 46
Size:  98.4 KB
Name:  DSC04292.jpg
Views: 42
Size:  100.5 KB
Old exhuast
Name:  DSC04293.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  79.9 KB
After some wire brushing
Name:  DSC04294.jpg
Views: 97
Size:  67.8 KB
Name:  DSC04295.jpg
Views: 41
Size:  136.2 KB
Name:  DSC04296.jpg
Views: 42
Size:  124.8 KB
Name:  DSC04298.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  107.5 KB
Name:  DSC04299.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  156.2 KB
Name:  DSC04299.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  156.2 KB
Name:  DSC04300.jpg
Views: 84
Size:  186.1 KB

I got a big *** package . laptop is a size comparison
Name:  DSC04301.jpg
Views: 41
Size:  87.2 KB
BeforeName:  DSC04302.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  198.9 KB
Old rusty abs pump
Name:  DSC04303.jpg
Views: 42
Size:  106.1 KB
Ty god for letting me get that 05 civic ex for 300 with 44k that was rolled 10 times lol
look at the neweeness lol
Name:  DSC04304.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  115.7 KB
Powered by BROBO
Name:  DSC04306.jpg
Views: 43
Size:  191.1 KB
Old spilter vs my 05 one
Name:  DSC04307.jpg
Views: 43
Size:  158.7 KB
My rusty *** brake lines a safety hazard lol
Name:  DSC04308.jpg
Views: 55
Size:  63.5 KB
Refinishing the descent lines rest are replaced
Name:  DSC04309.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  136.9 KB
luckily i saved all the brake lines from the 05 lol
Name:  DSC04310.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  188.6 KB
Painting with high resistant rust and heat paint
Name:  DSC04311.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  114.7 KB
Also my bad condesor as a painting booth
All my good new lines with the new abs pump in so clean!
Name:  DSC04312.jpg
Views: 48
Size:  190.3 KB
Name:  DSC04313.jpg
Views: 44
Size:  173.4 KB
Hazard or what lol!!!!!
Name:  DSC04315.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  65.1 KB

Update :
got the car running and only 1 pic today

painted wheels and removed side skirts for rethreading of the threads
Name:  DSC04361.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  183.2 KB

Got my spalsh shields from before
Name:  DSC04339.jpg
Views: 46
Size:  106.7 KB
Painting my rims
Name:  DSC04340.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  108.7 KB
Refinishing my rusted wheel well
Name:  DSC04341.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  264.6 KB
Name:  DSC04342.jpg
Views: 42
Size:  142.0 KB
Name:  DSC04343.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  218.3 KB
Name:  DSC04346.jpg
Views: 41
Size:  98.0 KB
Name:  DSC04348.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  98.4 KB
Name:  DSC04350.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  96.4 KB
Name:  DSC04351.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  116.2 KB
Name:  DSC04352.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  109.3 KB
Name:  DSC04353.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  120.1 KB
See that deep scratch
Name:  DSC04354.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  145.6 KB
Name:  DSC04355.jpg
Views: 37
Size:  156.5 KB
How she looked 5 days ago
Name:  DSC04356.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  201.7 KB
Name:  DSC04357.jpg
Views: 37
Size:  189.7 KB
I got jacked lol
Name:  DSC04360.jpg
Views: 36
Size:  229.4 KB
How she looks today
Name:  DSC04361.jpg
Views: 37
Size:  183.2 KB
Name:  DSC04362.jpg
Views: 36
Size:  122.4 KB
Name:  DSC04363.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  117.4 KB
Name:  DSC04366.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  257.8 KB
Name:  DSC04367.jpg
Views: 35
Size:  254.8 KB
Name:  DSC04368.jpg
Views: 37
Size:  226.5 KB
Best one so far
Name:  DSC04370.jpg
Views: 36
Size:  243.0 KB
Name:  DSC04371.jpg
Views: 35
Size:  271.4 KB
Name:  DSC04373.jpg
Views: 37
Size:  208.7 KB
Starting to remove interior for more HP!! IM KIDDING
Name:  DSC04377.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  172.9 KB
u see its pink
Name:  DSC04376.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  232.1 KB
Name:  DSC04378.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  158.9 KB
Name:  DSC04379.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  177.4 KB
Name:  DSC04380.jpg
Views: 37
Size:  89.4 KB
Name:  DSC04380.jpg
Views: 37
Size:  89.4 KB
Anyone for french fries???
Name:  DSC04381.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  202.7 KB
Name:  DSC04382.jpg
Views: 37
Size:  173.8 KB
MOre Cleaning
Name:  DSC04383.jpg
Views: 37
Size:  123.0 KB
Name:  DSC04384.jpg
Views: 35
Size:  136.2 KB
Name:  DSC04385.jpg
Views: 36
Size:  210.3 KB
Seats so i can drive
Name:  DSC04389.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  115.3 KB
Name:  DSC04391.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  177.1 KB
What can i do to fix this?
Name:  DSC04394.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  222.3 KB
Gsr Shift ****
Name:  DSC04396.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  151.6 KB
That all
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Re: Brobo's Build... (56k WARNING)

I just moved your other thread to this forum, closing this for now

PM me if you want this thread open and to close the other one, or just to remove this thread.
Don't really need 2 of the same threads
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