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Detailer's Domain: Toyota Prius with Coating

Hey all I'm glad to report that this is our first Prius. I was pretty excited to get this car in.

Customer bought the car new and had some issues with the dealer. The pics will do the talking on this one.

What was done -

- Wheels were prepped with Sonax Wheel Cleaner and cleaned up with various brushes
- Tires were spritzed down with Adam’s All Purpose Cleaner and washed down
- Wheel wells were cleaned up
- Pre Washed with W99
- Iron Cut
- Wash down and rinsed
- Door jambs were cleaned up
- Clayed
- Dried
- Tires dressed
- Masking
- Paint Measurement
- Meguiar's DA300
- Menzerna SF4000
- Inspection with Fenix, 3m Sun Gun, Infratech, and natural sunlight
- Last Step – Wolf's Nano Sealant
- Wheel wells were cleaned and dressed
- Rubber and Plastics Treated
- Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and sealed
- Exhaust tips cleaned
- Windows were clayed, cleaned, and sealed

Links to products used -

1Z einszett W99
Adam's All Purpose Cleaner
Aquartz Iron Cut
Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner
Uber Clay Bar Kit
Meguiar's Microfiber DA Compound D300
Menzerna Super Finish
Wolf's Chemicals Nano Sealant
1Z einszett Vinyl Rubber Care
Optimum Metal Polish
Uber Glass Cleaner Kit

Tools used
Uber Wool Wash Mitt
Uber No Name MF Towels
Porter Cable 7424XP
Uber Buffing Pads
Defelsko Paint Meter

Kranzle Pressure Washer
Cam Spray Foam Canon
2 Grit Guard Buckets with Caddies
Uber Firehose Nozzle
Metro Air Force Blaster

Name:  DSC_6418.jpg
Views: 7
Size:  5.12 MB
Name:  DSC_6416.jpg
Views: 7
Size:  7.87 MB
Name:  DSC_6415.jpg
Views: 7
Size:  7.19 MB

APC on the tires
Name:  DSC_6420.jpg
Views: 3
Size:  5.65 MB
Name:  DSC_6421.jpg
Views: 7
Size:  7.09 MB

Sonax in action
Name:  DSC_6424.jpg
Views: 11
Size:  5.71 MB
Name:  DSC_6425.jpg
Views: 3
Size:  7.01 MB
Name:  DSC_6427.jpg
Views: 2
Size:  5.25 MB

Name:  DSC_6431.jpg
Views: 8
Size:  7.14 MB
Name:  DSC_6434.jpg
Views: 8
Size:  6.41 MB
Name:  DSC_6433.jpg
Views: 3
Size:  6.58 MB

Iron Cut
Name:  DSC_6429.jpg
Views: 3
Size:  6.23 MB

Name:  DSC_6436.jpg
Views: 4
Size:  7.02 MB

Metro Air Force Blaster for the dry
Name:  DSC_6442.jpg
Views: 3
Size:  5.90 MB

Claying glass and paint
Name:  DSC_6440.jpg
Views: 7
Size:  5.53 MB
Name:  DSC_6439.jpg
Views: 3
Size:  5.03 MB
Name:  DSC_6438.jpg
Views: 4
Size:  5.81 MB

More imperfections on the doors
Name:  DSC_6450.jpg
Views: 2
Size:  7.00 MB
Name:  DSC_6445.jpg
Views: 4
Size:  5.33 MB
Name:  DSC_6449.jpg
Views: 7
Size:  6.86 MB

Name:  DSC_6463.jpg
Views: 8
Size:  6.99 MB

Paint imperfections on the car
Name:  DSC_6460.jpg
Views: 2
Size:  7.57 MB
Name:  DSC_6462.jpg
Views: 9
Size:  8.39 MB
Name:  DSC_6453.jpg
Views: 3
Size:  8.55 MB

Name:  DSC_6480.jpg
Views: 7
Size:  7.30 MB
Name:  DSC_6471.jpg
Views: 7
Size:  7.82 MB

After coating was applied
Name:  DSC_6505.jpg
Views: 4
Size:  7.63 MB
Name:  DSC_6506.jpg
Views: 10
Size:  6.64 MB
Name:  DSC_6511.jpg
Views: 3
Size:  7.20 MB
Name:  DSC_6510.jpg
Views: 6
Size:  5.23 MB
Name:  DSC_6509.jpg
Views: 3
Size:  7.82 MB
Name:  DSC_6507.jpg
Views: 3
Size:  7.68 MB
Name:  DSC_6503.jpg
Views: 3
Size:  6.66 MB

Name:  DSC_6512.jpg
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Size:  7.47 MB
Name:  DSC_6513.jpg
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Size:  5.89 MB
Name:  DSC_6584.jpg
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Size:  8.02 MB
Name:  DSC_6582.jpg
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Size:  7.43 MB
Name:  DSC_6591.jpg
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Size:  6.06 MB
Name:  DSC_6589.jpg
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Size:  4.94 MB
Name:  DSC_6593.jpg
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Size:  7.42 MB
Name:  DSC_6594.jpg
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Size:  5.91 MB
Name:  DSC_6588.jpg
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Size:  8.34 MB
Name:  DSC_6592.jpg
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Size:  6.60 MB
Name:  DSC_6587.jpg
Views: 7
Size:  6.33 MB
Name:  DSC_6581.jpg
Views: 8
Size:  7.26 MB
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Re: Detailer's Domain: Toyota Prius with Coating

pretty nice, most of those around here are always trashed up and dirty.
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