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well well well

Old 01-08-2006
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well well well

some of this doesnt belong but the majority does so read it all and then understand... please

as you may or may not know ive been tryin to get into the Air Force.. well friday i found out that ive been gauranteed a job in the mechanics field and i leave april 25.. so ya April 25 2006 im uncle sam's bitch..

saturday i go with cheeter to cleveland to sell his ****.. i went cuz i had nothing else to do and it was fun... after that i rolled in a limo to dave and busters in cincy and partied ...

today THE BEST PART!!!

i go to work about 1:30 .. grab my first 2 deliverys and go... i GET IN A ****EN ACCIDENT less than 20 feet from the stores front door.. the guy asked if i was alright and had insurance i said yes.. i told him to hold on one second cuz i ran to put those deliveries back in the store... well i get back and hes gone!!! i see him at long john silvers parking lot.. as im dialin 911 i run over there and the dude takes off running in his piece of ****en **** corsica... I didnt get the plate but i gave a good description of the driver and car

5'7 - 5'8
200 lbs
late 50's
white hair
blue jacket, dress shirt and khakis..

white corsica , decent amount of damage to passenger side front ( some from my car and some from something else )

so if anyone sees it get the plate..

well i figured since it was near the bar id go in and ask.. well they call him "ROCK" and he wasnt in there.. and when he does come in there he only drinks coffee ... WHO IN THE **** DRINKS COFFEEE IN THE BAR???? i dont care if dude drinks or not .. i want him to pay for the damages..

i told the cop what happened and she was like "off the record" you were at fault but since he ran its automatically his fault...

so i cant ****en wait til i see him... i just got my fender and just got the bitch put on friday ... then today I GET IN AN ACCIDENT..

the damage is pretty much as the same as before.. but it bent the driver side end of my metal bumper a lil and ruined my new fender, got that projection headlight and thats about it...

im pissed and not in a good mood...

go back into work at like 5 ( that happened at 1:30 ) everyones in a shitty mood and dumpin on everyone else.. i get pissed at another driver for doing **** he shouldnt be.. he was stealin deliveries and loggin out 5-6 deliveries when we can only get 2 at a time.. then later in the night i asked him to get some black olives and he claims he didnt hear me and then hes like i had deliveries so i couldnt have got it anyways.. i was like deliveries not you can stop for 2 seconds and grab some.. well i left on a delivery right then.. come back and hes all pissed.. and i get sent home..
this driver John is like dating the store manager.. and she sent me home.. so im gonna be takin that **** up with higher management tommorow and get someone fired.. i dont give a ****..

but on a positive note.. i got a job at the WING ZONE in page manor.. so i work there on wednesdays , thursdays and sunday nights... i told papa johns that i got a job somewhere else becuz they can fire me for working 2 delivery jobs.. so i got that covered..


ps all the damage today was the same damage from when i hit the car wash like 2 weeks ago... SO THATS WHY IM MAD!!!
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