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Post VTEC Light (with Pics)

<font face="verdana" size="2">I did not make this up, nor am I the first one to try it, I am simply the first one to type it up and take pictures. 'cwick187' already has one installed.<br /><br />There are probably circuits for wiring this all over the net, I took the one that was posted a few days ago, changed it a little bit and wired it in.<br />This is so easy, if you can't do it, I'll personally come over to your house and beat you.<br />You need:<br /><strong>- Wire - 18AWG min.<br />- Tap Splices<br />- 1 -&nbsp;5mm LED (pick a color)<br />-&nbsp;1 resistor (330, 470, 680, 1K OHM, you pick)<br />- 1 -&nbsp;5mm LED Snap-in Holder<br />- Radio Shack makes it one stop shopping, you can get out for less than $10.</strong><br /><br />Here goes... <br />RTFM and find the page that tells you how to remove the glove box to get access to the cabin microfilters. Take everything out of the glove box and do it.<br />Then you will see a shiny silver box with a lot of wires going to it... that's the ECU. On the middle plug (it's white) you should see a green wire with a yellow stripe in the top center pin. That's the VTEC wire. You need to put a tap splice on it.... trace it back a few inches (there is only 1 green/yellow stripe wire) and put the tap in place. The other wire you need to find is a suitable ground. I used the ground I ran from the engine block for my other gauges, but any ground will work (the Cig lighter is convient). <br />Figure out where you want the LED to be. I wouldn't put it somewhere high in the car, it'll be on more than you think. Put it somewhere you can see out of the corner of your eye. I mounted mine with the rest of my gauges in the lower center console. Drill a 1/4" hole and put the LED holder in (no need to glue)... be careful where you pick, you need to be able to get to it from behind.<br />Time to set the LED up. You need to put the resistor in series with the ground lead of the LED (for those who don't speak electronics, you need to hook up one resistor lead to the shorter lead on the LED and the other end to the wire you grounded). I used heat shrink tubing, but soldering also works. I wouldn't use electrical tape. Wire the other lead from the LED to the wire you tapped into the ECU with. Boom.... done. You'll be surprised where VTEC really does engage.<br />Notes:<br />1: There are choices for resistors... you only need one, the higher the number, the dimmer the light. I used a 680 OHM and it's still visible in daylight.<br />2: This does not void your warranty. You are not doing anything to the ECU but monitoring a signal. It's the same as having a Honda Tech sit there with a diagnostic probe on the wire all day.<br />3. If anyone asks or tries to install this on an LX or DX, I will come to your house and personally beat you.<br /><br /><img src="/diyimages/dsc01265.jpg" /><br /><br /><img src="/diyimages/vteclight.jpg" /></font>
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