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Bought her the day I got my license. At first I was pissed because I hated Honda's. I even hated that it wasn't a coupe. After AutoX'ing last season in H stock I absolutely fell in love with the car, and found out how in-expensive (comparatively) they are to modify. Sure, they aren't really worth making fast because "they aren't meant to go fast" but hey, I'm a kid with a Honda, and I'm currently single. Money's gotta get dumped on something! Her name is Olivia, and I plan on keeping her for a very, very long time.

Engine/Drivetrain Modifications:
UPDATE *8/1/2011* the motor build has begun! Bought a GSR short block and a bare B16A head for a total of $500!!! Brain Crower Stage 2 Cams, Valvetrain and adjustable cam gears are on the way! After I send my block and head out to get powdercoated, they're going straight to the machine shop. 0.25 Bore, JDM P72 pistons, GSR rods, Mugen Oil Pan and Thermostat. Aiming for 11:5 C/R on 93 Octane. ARP head studs and rods, Honda Bearings, Belts, Gaskets (except for the Hondata Thermal IM). Kinsler ITB's and a SMSP header are all on the list too. Planning to get this together by the end of next summer.

Suspension Modifications:
Koni Yellows on Ground Control Sleeves (380/350FR) w/ Extended Top Hats; PWJDM Front Strut Brace; NRG H-Brace; DC Integra FLCA's (Hardrace) with PCI Bronze Bushings; Integra front sway bar (22mm); Buddy Club Extended Ball Joints; Function 7 rear subframe brace; Function 7 LCA's w/ Spherical Bearings; ASR Rear Sway Bar; Buddy Club Camber Kits (F/R); Polyurethane Bushings where applicable :)

Wheels/Tires Modifications:
Rear Disc Conversion off 99 Si. Still in the market for rims. (15's -- 205/50/15 RE11's)

Interior/Exterior Modifications:
Type R Front/Rear Lip
CTR Grill
Thin Side Moldings (JDM :D)
Painted Stock Skirts
Depo Red/Clear Tail lights
EK4 Si Tall Spoiler
Corbeau CR1 Racing Seats
Side Markers (PWJDM)
Black Interior Conversion; already have DB8 Rear Seats. Getting the materials together. Big shoutout to DC from Honda-Tech for the fantastic write up.

Future Modifications:
Fresh exterior paint. Looking at #666666 (Dark) Gray or a metallic equivalent. Hoping to get some nice bronze rims to match.
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