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chips 08-14-2012 07:08 PM

1990 Red Civic Si for sale $2000
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Looking to clear space in my garage. Car has been sitting for 3 years while I've been undecided if I want to restore it.

It still runs great. I do start it from time to time and run it up and down the driveway. Starts on the second turn of the key every time and it still has the same dirty gas in the tank from when I stored it.

This is an original Civic Si with only 2 owners including me. The previous owner was a female non-smoking teacher. It has the original interior including those seats that everybody wants and it has the original engine however, has been modified slightly by me.

Here we go....

3 different chips for the ECU
aftermarket air filter
bullfrog cam
aem cam sprocket
port and polished head
balanced and blueprinted bottom end
lightened fly wheel
ceramic coated exhaust manifold
full stainless exhaust to the rear including straight through polished stainless muffler

...and this engine is mint though it's not one of those cool Z06s or B16s or whatever else people like to jam in their civics.

short throw shifter

polyurethane engine mounts

koni yellow suspension with coilover eibach springs (adjustable ride height only)

TSW Blade 5 spoke 17" rims with rubber

Wings West full body kit

I have a working Xenon headlight system that I removed because a bulb died and I couldn't find a replacement. I'm sure one could be found if a person dug deep enough.

Clifford alarm system with remote start

Zendar radio antenna mounted in the centre of the roof (towards the back)

MP3 player with aftermarket door speakers

Momo red and black leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob

Full centre console with the cool pocket from either CRX or Civic SE (can't remember where that thing came from)

2 extra red and black racing seats

Model specific car cover

Now the bad news... relax, it's not that bad
The top of both A pillars are rusted pretty bad. Rusted right through and water leaks into the interior. Probably why there is a hole in the floor on the drivers side. The front spoiler is quite naked of paint but otherwise undamaged. This is partly due to normal driving and mostly due to me bumping into things. I will clarify; the remote start is another early tech model and doesn't have a safety cut off if the car is in gear. I tried very hard not to do it but over the course of 10 years I left it in gear twice and clicked the remote start. Once it bumped into my garage wall and once into a chain link fence. Each front fender has a small ripple in it because of these incidents. I really have to say that for a Canadian salt eater the rest of the body is in pretty good shape. See it to believe it.

In 2000 when the bulk of the modding was done I spent $30000. This was well before aftermarket parts became = to or cheaper than factory Honda parts. Now I'm willing to let the car go for $2000.

Clearly it's not a safe car with a few holes in the body. I'm looking for a buyer to restore it, part it or make a track car out of it. If you are that person, send me email.

I no longer have a concise list of every single upgrade that I did over the years so there are likely a few things that I have left out.

I also have some miscellaneous spare parts lying around that will all be included in the deal. I may want to keep a steering wheel or something like that for a keepsake.

I will include some pictures from 2000 and from 2012. It will be no problem distinguishing between them.

chips 04-12-2014 10:16 AM

Re: 1990 Red Civic Si for sale $2000
Price is now $900

Same car, same condition but now it's 2 years later and it's a classic.

Chippermon 05-15-2014 06:16 PM

Re: 1990 Red Civic Si for sale $2000
Where are you located

chips 08-10-2014 02:42 PM

Re: 1990 Red Civic Si for sale $2000
Car has been sold.

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