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teamPR0 02-19-2005 09:24 PM

painted grill
has anybody ever painted their honeycomb grill on their 04. it always comes black so im just curious as to how it would look like blue or white or something.

injencivic 02-19-2005 10:56 PM

leave it black!


fixeruper 02-19-2005 11:15 PM

if your going to **** with the grill you should change it to a mesh grill or something thats my opinion but y? to each his own i guess

teamPR0 02-20-2005 01:18 AM

well ye. im leavin mine black but if i figure out that like blue looks pimp. im throwin on blue... know what im sayin?

exclusive_vtec 02-20-2005 10:57 AM

leave it black..

LowSky 02-20-2005 10:42 PM

if you want a painted grill try to find an 01-03 grill and paint it to match. it will look alot better than painting the honeycomb style already on the car.

MishBallzEM2 02-21-2005 07:10 AM

why would u paint it? looks good black

MYK1013 02-21-2005 08:01 AM

please, leave it black.

2K1Civic17"Gabe 02-21-2005 12:33 PM

get a real grill if anything. I painted my lower grill (was aftermarket silver grill). I painted it black and it chipped the hll off when I went for a cruise with a bunch of people. It got hit by about 10,000 rocks and it chipped the hell off. now its black and silver. So either get a real one, or leave it stock. Stock is nice

JCiv03 02-21-2005 10:35 PM

I think it'll look better as black, just leave it.... It's the general agreement.

againifall 02-21-2005 10:37 PM

ehh.. i think it would look good color matched...

ciVictoria 02-21-2005 10:44 PM

If he does paint it..its gonna probably chip and look retarted leave it black or get an already colored grill

teamPR0 02-21-2005 11:37 PM

well can somebody photoshop a car and we'll see how it looks.

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