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Kevinleyster 12-08-2018 04:23 PM

Clutch or Starter or Alternator 2009 Civic Si
My car was making a constant mechanical noise like the starter motor was stuck on , I drove the car about 3 miles and came to a stop and put the car in neutral, and the DASHBOARD lite up 3 times and the car died, with no electrical whatsoever and smoke begain to come out from under the hood.. not .lot but a little, I followed the smoke and it appeared to orginate from where the starter is mounted, the smoke smelled like an electrical or possible clutch . The clutch is engageing shifting gears. But the the battery is completely dead. 1 other thing the car has 170 k and this stage two clutch has 20k miles original alternate but the starter is 9 months old.

Is it possible my clutch? Or is it a burned up starter with a worn out alternator I can change the altinator and starter myself but I don't know how to properly diagnosis

Colin42 12-08-2018 04:42 PM

Re: Clutch or Starter or Alternator 2009 Civic Si
Well see if it will start with a battery hooked up.
or pull the starter and see if you can test it with jumper cables.
If it engaged and burned itself out hopefully it didn't damage the flywheel.
if you can't get the car running you can check voltage at the battery to see if the alternator is working, should be 13.5-14.4 volts.

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