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twinklin 10-10-2016 04:33 PM

Replacement of Drivers side Low Beam Headlight lamp 2007 Civic EX
Easy 10 minute job. I came here looking for answers and got a lot of different and conflicting info. My experience changing the drivers side low beam headlamp bulb on my 2007 Honda Civic EX Coupe is as follows:
Loosen 10 mm nut on long threaded shaft closest to the front of the car that holds the battery down. You DO NOT NEED unhook the battery terminals. You DO NOT have to take the bolt all the way off of the long shaft, only enough to enable you to unhook the shaft from the base plate that the battery sits on. Then just tip the battery back toward the back of the car, which gives you access to the coolant reservoir. Grab the reservoir and pull it straight up. It attached by means of a slot which it fits into. You can then move it out of the way by laying it on top of the battery. You then have access to the headlamp cavity. You DO NOT need to loosen any screws to pull out the bulb assembly. Reach in and grab the light bulb assembly and twist it counter clockwise to unlock it from the headlamp reflector housing. The bulb can be pulled out of the holder and then replaced. Reverse the procedure to reattach the bulb holder into the reflector housing. The just replace the reservoir by lining up the molded fitting into the slot and push it back down into the slot. Finally just reattach the battery shaft and tighten it down and that is it. Cost of the bulb from my local parts store was less than 12 bucks.

mac25 10-11-2016 02:59 AM

Re: Replacement of Drivers side Low Beam Headlight lamp 2007 Civic EX
First of all thank you for trying to help future members.

If you need to ask how to replace a light then the advanced members here probably hedged on the side of caution and asked you to disconnect the negative terminal first because they didn't know if you would short circuit a wrench across the battery while removing it.

That is a standard safety precaution for many services.

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