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edp22 05-30-2002 03:42 AM

AEM CAI filter location
Some people are saying that the AEM in not a "real CAI" because of wear the filter is located. Can anyone who has it tell me where it is located? I know the Injen CAI locates the filter right behind the front bumper. Thanks.

StLVtec 05-30-2002 03:51 AM

Its right by the radiator but its not sucking up hot air. I used to have the injen intake and i switche dto AEM i think it pulls a little bit better

happynappy82 05-30-2002 04:19 AM

I have the AEM cai with Bypass valve. the filter is located in the same space as the Injen cai from what i know ( behind front bumper ). probably not though. i dont know.

TEKNIQ 05-30-2002 04:35 AM

Injen in more in the fenderwell in front of the tire....AEM's is benind the bumper located next to the radiator on the same side....I prefer my AEM with by-pass/valve......:tup:

Jeff 05-30-2002 04:37 AM

I have aem with bypass valve, only way to go :tup:

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