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Sosojef 05-20-2002 12:39 PM

DIY for the Altezza Upper Grill
I know this is an over done thread but I searched and searched but couldn't find a complete answer to my question. Does anyone know if the altezza grill comes with instructions and if it doesn't, does anybody know how to install it? Many of the things I searched about this topic was only its price and how much it cost. Sorry being repetitive. But please if anyone has a complete DIY for the installation of the upper grills, it would be greatly appreciated.

Just another clueless noob.:shake:

ProDigy 05-20-2002 02:43 PM

wowzers! Double posting!?:shake::shake::shake::shake::shake:

big20ugly 05-20-2002 03:53 PM

actually, triple posting [IMG]i/expressions/face-icon-small-mad.gif[/IMG]

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