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JumpingBean 05-03-2002 07:45 PM

Who make the best coilovers?
I drive my car alot for work, but I also race my car solo2. I want to be able to adjust the hieght of my car for my work driving and then lower for racing. I already have 50,000 on my car so I know Ill need to get some new shocks, but what are the top 3 best coilovers?

MisterTinkerTrain 05-03-2002 08:04 PM

Someone is coming out with full coil overs..everything you'll need...cant remember whom...but aside from that since they will run over 1k ground control has the best rep in my book so far.

LOWBOY 05-03-2002 08:21 PM

best bang for your buck=ground control.

they use eibach springs :tup:

2cute 05-03-2002 08:21 PM

Tein has some that are coming out soon but you are looking at like $3,000. Well worth it. I think my boy is getting B and G coilovers. They are supose to be pretty good. H and R has some coming out I think they are already out but I have been told not for a couple months. Hand R makes really good sh!t. H and R is $1,500. H and R also has a cup kit that runs $929. Personally I I was going to buy a coilover kit I would go with the Tein Typ Flex but, they are expensive. If I was trying to save a little money I would buy the H and R.

andypanda 05-03-2002 08:46 PM

get ground controls

VNlilMAN 05-03-2002 08:59 PM

getting ground controls and konis are about $800 total so i would just recommend you pay a lil more n get a full coilover kit. i heard there was one for 800, i think it was NEX, but their having problems with it and their working on a 'version 2' of it. but i mean if you do get coilovers, i would just pay that lil extra n get the real ones n not those cheap adjustable springs...

bambuski 05-03-2002 09:31 PM

I got my ground controls today and love them. I highly recomend them.

JumpingBean 05-03-2002 09:39 PM

Thanks for all the info. :):)

mwwhonda 05-03-2002 10:13 PM

first off..... ground controls are NOT coilovers, they are ADJUSTABLE SPRINGS

secondly, a spring and strut/shock set (koni's and gc's or eibach, h&R) will NEVER handel as well as a matched set (h&R cup kit), or TRUE coilovers

TRUE coilovers have matched spring/dampening rates, which provide for optimal handeling, and ride addition, generally, the stroke of the strut/shock for true coilover setups are shorter then stock, providing increased suspension travel when the vehicle is lowered, which is a BIG plus [IMG]i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif[/IMG]

save your money, and invest in TRUE coilovers, you will be sooo happy that you did (i wish i did [IMG]i/expressions/face-icon-small-sad.gif[/IMG] )

PEACE, mark

ps. if you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to email me or PM me

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