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NBPCivic 02-11-2002 08:46 PM

Suspension Question
Ok, I have a pretty good knowledge about most mods for our cars. The one area I have never looked into is the suspension. I am interested in the Ground Control Coilovers in order to lower my car. My question is what else exactly do I need. I tried searching but couldn't find questions specifically related to what I am asking. This is because I really don't want to get anything that isn't too good. From my understanding I need 3 things????

Ground Control Coilovers
Koni Yellows
Camber Kit

Is this right?? If not please make any changes and correct me so i know what I am looking for online. Whethere this is correct or not, how much am I looking at price wise for the whoel setup. I am a n00b at this and I hope someone can help me out.


antidote11 02-11-2002 09:31 PM

Hey Eric, what's up man....Can I give you some good, knowledgable advice ?

Don't get Coilovers...coilovers are for show, unless that's what you are after.
For street use and racing, the best setup is performance springs like Gold Line's or
Eibach's or Nuespeeds, you know, some good springs and then get the Koni Yellow
Adjustables. If you are really serious about Handling, replace all the OEM rubber
bushings with a set of Polyurethane bushings. This will make your ride crisp !!
Then if you want to be a crazy bastard, you can get front and rear sways, strut and tie
down bars !! Your car will stick to the ground like stink on

NBPCivic 02-11-2002 09:43 PM

I am definitely not in it for show. I want whatever will improve the ride the most. I am interested in the pro kit because I like the drop. That is if i don't get coilovers. I plan on getting all of the "bars" that go with moddign the suspension, because ride comfort is truly the most important thing. I came from driving my mom's 2000 Camry XLE so I am used to a smooth ride. That thing is like driving on a cloud. It is almost scary because you don't even feel contact with the road. Thanks for your reply.

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