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crashedout78 01-28-2002 12:21 AM

RH Evolution C2 questions
im about to put 17s on, but i dont plan on dropping my car. and since they all come stock in stink bug mode with their ass up, i wanted a tire that would fill the wheel well better. would i go with 205/40/17, or 215/40/17? thanks.

Amphiprion 01-28-2002 12:28 AM

My 205s line up almost perfectly with the roommate's 215's extend an almost unnoticable amount just past the fender. They don't look that much different to my (relatively untrained) eye.

nookiemonster 01-28-2002 01:20 AM

Well remember, that you want the overall diameter of your wheel with it's tire to come as close to stock as possible. Hence, the bigger the wheel, the smaller the tire. If you do deviate from the dimensions of the stock wheel and tire, your speedometer would be inaccurate. Just try using the tire calculator at the top of the page.

Blv 01-28-2002 03:29 AM

for our cars, I think 215's would look better, and the closest you can get to stock size is 215/45/17
oh, and by the way, what is the width of the rims?
mine are 17x7, and they are perfect for 215's, also, watch out for the offset of the rims, if you are getting 17x7, get the 45 offset, they won't rub

slam2k1civic 01-28-2002 10:31 AM

i would go with the 215-40-17 :tup:

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