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Danny Alzammar 03-20-2017 06:25 PM

Anyone have experience with eBay struts? I'm on a tight budget but I also don't want to risk having a failure while driving. The ones I checked out were sensen. But there's a lot others

xRiCeBoYx 03-20-2017 07:05 PM

Re: Struts
Ehhh... I'd save up for knowingly reliable struts. Potential failure can yield catastrophic results.

What's your budget for struts looking like?

Danny Alzammar 03-20-2017 08:02 PM

Re: Struts
Yeah I know but this car I just bought needs them badly but it's needing a lot of work and I'm broke. It looks like it'll be costing me around 200 . I'd like to stay under 200 if I can

sdaidoji 03-20-2017 09:25 PM

Re: Struts
minimum are kayaba, equivalent to stock...

if you have a 2001-2005, they have struts, as in the shocks are integral to the suspension geometry - they are structural, so called struts. Very dangerous if they fail...

Strycker 03-28-2017 08:33 PM

Re: Struts
Replaced all 4 corners on the wife's '02 LX last year with Monroe Quick-Struts and no complaints. Can get good deals on them through Advance Auto with their discounts. Not sure budget wise, but these have been really good.

OneJzSupra 04-02-2017 03:01 AM

Re: Struts
I replaced all four of mine from NAPA which is the only real thing on island. Cheap shocks = garbage.... They all failed within 1.5 years.... I ended up spending a few hundred more for Tein Street Basic shocks and couldn't be happier. I run Tein Flex shocks on my Supra and haven't had any issues with them as well.

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