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Picture 1StGenCivic (1200)
Civic debuted in 1973 that achieved more than 40 mpg on the highway with dimensions with a 86.6-inch wheelbase and 139.8-inch overall length. Powered by a 1170cc EB1 all aluminum engine except for the cylinder liner, with the 2 speed Hondamatic or 4 speed standard transmission made this quite the economy car to drive. In 1974 the engine grew to 1237cc EB2 and grew 146.9-inch in length. The cylinder head is aluminum with a cross flow design, intake ports on the back and exhaust on the front side. This design generally produces more power than others with both ports on the same side.

In 1978 the cylinder head (EB3) was redesigned with larger intake and exhaust valves and larger straighter intake & exhaust ports including a deeper combustion chamber with domed pistons. This engine design lends is self to high performance modifications. This design has won many racing championships including a great Canadian driver Jacques Villeneuve or American driver Adam Malley still racing his today.
Shreck1978 3 18 Hours Ago
Picture bolts
ZachCivic 1 1 Week Ago
Picture Swapping out the y7 head for y8
2kej6 12 1 Week Ago
Picture Alignment
recent alignment
chris-02civic 1 2 Weeks Ago
Picture 05 SE
05_civicse 2 3 Weeks Ago
Picture 2005 Civic Hyrbrid AC clutch assembly
kkiley 1 3 Weeks Ago
Picture Garage - Miles
clippy 1 None
Picture Garage - Maranda
AnarchyAnsell 1 None
Picture Garage - Needs a name
AnarchyAnsell 1 None
Picture Garage - Vicky
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