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Unhappy 1994 civic dx overheating

I need help guys l. My 94 dx is over heating and I have no idea why. I don't have the proper tools and what not to do pressure checks. So I'm hoping you guys can help me figure this out. So the first 10 mins or so of driving my car is usually fine. But then it will start to over heat like crazy and drive super shitty. When I put it in first it will barely move at all, then when I put it in second it starts to shake a little bit like the engine isn't delivering the power properly. I notice in the lower gears is when it over heats the most, and after I get it in 4th it will start to slowly cool down and drive somewhat decently. I live in AZ and it's summer timee so normal temp is 105+ degrees which really doesn't help me in this situation. I tried burping my radiator hoses hoping that would help but it hasnt. I haven't really checked anything else yet because I just recently fixed a no start issue I had and I've been attempting to fix my ac. Everything I've read thus far points to a bad waterpump or a head gasket.
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Re: 1994 civic dx overheating

Is the radiator fan coming on?..download the sevice manual: http://www.wedophones.com/Manuals/Ho...e%20Manual.pdf and test per service manual instructions.
Overheating within 10 minutes points to the thermostat as one possibility.
Can either pull it out and put it in boiling water to see it opens or just replace with an OEM part since they are relatively inexpensive.

You can rent (free) a coolant system pressure tester at Autozone or O'Reilly's..if the engine is losing coolant you need to find out if it's internal or external..refer to service manual on how-to. While you are at the parts store rent (free) a Block Tester and purchase $10 test fluid..this is used to test for exhaust emissions in coolant system which is caused by a head gasket breech. Not a definitive head gasket test unless it's positive and blue test fluid turns yellow or green.

How did you perform the coolant system bleed to remove air?

To check water pump..remove radiator cap when engine is cold, start engine, and as it heat up..look inside radiator neck and watch for coolant flow movement in radiator. Rev engine to help visualize. Obviously, be cautious and position your face and body as far away as possible while still being able to see inside radiator neck.

Any coolant loss in radiator and coolant gain in the reservoir?

In the meantime If you must drive the car out of necessity then drive with the climate control on max heat and fan on. Advisable not to drive until overheating is sorted out
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