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Replace Fuel Filter (DIY) 1997 Civic LX

I have a 97 Civic LX (4 door) and I attempted to change out the fuel filter this weekend. I knew I needed it but it became more apparent after I got it in and took it for a drive.

The new one came with three gaskets (two for the banjo bolt and one smaller one). I attempted to install the smaller one on the bottom of the filter but I couldn't get it to fit in place and stay. I tried installing it without but it leaked pretty good. I went back to the auto parts store and they said that filter is used on many different vehicles and not all of them use that third gasket. Apparently this is the case with the 97 civic. It only requires the two larger gaskets for the banjo bolt. He told me not to be afraid to tighten the bottom bolt. Be careful when doing this. You don't want to break the gas line.

I put it together and this time I used a wrench, as depicted below, to grip the filter and then tighten the bottom bolt. Once I got it together it seemed to be fine. I will check it periodically to be sure it isn't leaking in anyway and post it here if it is.

I checked it a couple times and it's dry as a bone! It runs great too!

FYI: If you are going to do this here are directions:
  1. Remove the air intake tube so you have room to work where the filter is.
  2. Spray the top and bottom bolt (that will fit to the new filter) with penetrating brake spray. WD40 is not enough. You need something that will penetrate. Use the straw to get right up on the exposed threads. I sprayed it a couple times, waiting a few minutes in between sprays. Be liberal becuase doing this will lower the risk of you breaking a brake line.
  3. Pull the fuse for the fuel pump - under the dash.
  4. Remove the gas cap.
  5. Try to start the engine to release the pressure in the lines (it will not start). Turn if over a few times.
  6. Put a rag under the fuel filter as well as a plastic container (old coffee can or your wife's rubbermaid ) to catch the gas that will leak from the filter and line. If you removed the gas cap you should only get a little spilage from the line but it won't continue to run.
  7. Use a wrench to grip the filter from the top, as seen below, and then use a socket wrench or regular wrench to loosen the bango (top) bolt. Be careful as you don't want to force it and break anything. Once you get the bolt out take the gas line and put it in the plastic container, lowered into the engine so that the gas will run into it. Remove the old gaskets (hold on to them until your done - in case you drop the new ones in the engine or loose them ) and put the bolt in a safe place that you will remember. After the gas has drained you can pull it out and rest it up near the valve cover. Put the container back under the filter.
  8. There is a clamp that holds the filter to the bracket. It is attached by a bolt on the back side. It's tight but you can get it with a socket wrench and 10mm long neck socket. Putting it back on isn't that easy. I used the extention without the socket wrench to get it started then fininshed it with the socket wrench.
  9. Use a wrench to grip the filter from the bottom, as seen below, and then use a wrench to loosen the bottom bolt. Use extra care here becuase this bolt is right around the gas line you DON'T want to damage or break. Once you loosen it the gas will begin to drip and then flow. You can't remove the line from the filter until it is removed from the bracket.
  10. Once you get it off place the old filter in the plastic container and remove it from the engine compartment.
  11. Be careful not to drop anything into the engine in that area as it could get lodged in a place that could cause damage.
  12. Once you get the old one off you can take some care to wipe off the gas spillage, etc. before putting the new one on.
  13. Install the new filter in reverse order.
Hope this helps!

Any questions? Any thoughts?

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Re: Replace Fuel Filter (DIY) 1997 Civic LX

Did this a while back. All I can say is the bracket that holds the filter on was the biggest b*tch in the world. I ended up taking the whole assembly off thats attached to the wall to get it back on.
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Re: Replace Fuel Filter (DIY) 1997 Civic LX

Once I figured it out, the bracket wasn't too hard. I removed that small bolt a couple times so by the third time I put it back on I had it mastered...

The key is that you need to use the long neck socket with an extender to start it. You need to apply a little pressure to the clamp (holding the filter on the bracket) to get the bolt to reach the threads. It may take a little joggling but it's do-able. The socket wrench will not fit on it becuase of the angle of the bolt and the fact that it's close to the firewall. Once you get it started you can loose the extention and tighten it down with the socket wrench.

Hope this helps...
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